5 Additional Estate Planning Considerations

estate planning

As noted in our previous post, when first determining your estate planning goals, there are a number of items to consider regardless of your age. Most estate plans begin with fact finding, and an attorney usually has a standard questionnaire to facilitate a thorough assessment.

Confidentiality will also be important, and if you don’t know an attorney you might seek a referral from a trusted advisor. Each family situation is different and will require an individualized assessment.

Our previous post identified five important considerations that might influence your initial estate planning goals. Here are five additional issues you might also consider:

  1. Whether gifts have been made
  2. Charitable intentions
  3. Thoughts about who you would like to have act in your behalf
  4. A personal expression of your current and long-term goals
  5. Depending upon age, a few more details might be needed, such as status and
    type of any long term care insurance, expenses, and exact sources of income.