Curtin Law Office Attends 2019 Life Care Planning Conference

We have always focused on providing comprehensive estate planning and elder law services to our clients, and recently found a number of like-minded professionals at this year’s Life Care Planning Law Firms Association Annual Conference.

As you may know, the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association (LCPLFA) is a national network of holistic law practices that offer legal services, care coordination and advocacy support to help elderly clients and their families respond to the challenges of aging, long-term illness and disability.  Their three-day conference took place in Charleston, South Carolina.  In addition to a thought-provoking keynote by Peter Lichtenberg, PH.D. and Director of The Institute of Gerontology, a wide range of educational breakout sessions were presented, covering relevant topics such as Medicare advocacy, protecting clients against financial exploitation, Medicaid process streamlining, and optimizing long-term care plans.

The overall focus was to help firms enhance their practice model and to find innovative ways to provide a full-suite of services and support to clients, which has always been part of our operating plan. 

“The conference was a good opportunity to reflect on the scope of our elder law and estate planning services, and to evaluate additional best practices from some of the industry’s thought leaders,” said Phil Curtin, Managing Partner.

For more information, please contact our office at (603) 669-7700.

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