Home Safety Checklist

safety for elders

People are spending more time at home due to the pandemic, and many are finding themselves spending more time alone as well. If someone you care about is elderly and spending more time alone, it might be difficult for them to call for help if it’s needed.

With this in mind, today is an ideal time to review the following checklist to make sure your elder family members are living safely:

Here are just a few.

  • Get a lifeline. These emergency response systems provide assistance around the clock
  • Make sure smoke detectors and carbon dioxide alarms are installed, especially in the kitchen
  • Buy small appliances that turn off automatically
  • Ensure that all rooms have good lighting with convenient and easy to use switches
  • Use nightlights near any night time traffic paths
  • Get a telephone with enlarged buttons; get a cell phone for your parent
  • Install grab bars in the bathroom and even a shower chair
  • Place anti slip rubber decals on the bathtub or exchange the tub for a walk in shower with a shower seat to prevent falls
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Eliminate throw rugs to avoid slips
  • Replace the faucets with single level handles for easier one handed control
  • Have a spare key in the event of a lock-out; or consider installing a keypad (easier to operate than sticky keys)
  • Encourage the use of deadbolts and a peepholes
  • Help unclutter the house and cabinets
  • Buy furniture that is easy to get up from

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