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Probate and Trust Administration

Probate: Although many of our estate planning clients who create trusts will not require a probate procedure at their deaths, we are very experienced in offering probate administration services when the probate process is required. We work closely with families to assist them to understand the process. See also under Our Typical Questions: What is Probate?

Trust Administration: As living trusts become a more and more common part of the estate planning process, there are more and more clients concerned with their obligations once a loved one who had a living trust has died. We are able to offer advice on fiduciary obligations of trustees as well as offering assistance with trust distributions and winding up of trust affairs, where appropriate.

Tax Preparation: Along with our probate and trust administration services, we are able to assist clients with the preparation of federal and state estate tax returns, legacy and succession tax returns, and gift tax returns. We also assist clients in understanding their obligations with respect to fiduciary and other income tax obligations.

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