Two Lesser-Known Aspects of Estate Planning

Lesser-known Details…

While many of us are familiar with wills and trusts, there are other aspects of estate planning about which people are often less familiar. However, these components of estate planning are often critically important.

Among these are special needs planning and guardianship.

When families have concerns about the particular needs of disabled individuals, estate planning documents can be tailored to meet those needs, while still preserving an individual’s eligibility for government benefits, if that is an issue. This might also include the preparation of special needs trusts.

In certain cases, as a complement to estate planning services, it may be necessary to prepare guardianship petitions. Legal representation in the probate court might also be required, either putting forth or defending against guardianship petitions and related issues.

If you are unsure about your needs in either of these areas, please consult your estate planning attorney.

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