A Caregiver Myth


It is a myth that most of the elderly are cared for by nursing homes or health care institutions. In fact, over 80% of those who need long term care receive that care from unpaid caregivers.

That being the case, what can you do to make caregiving easier down the road?

The key word is “plan.”

If you’re wondering where to start, here are a few suggestions:

  • Review bank and financial arrangements; Seek help from a financial advisor about how to maximize assets to pay for the care of a loved one.
  • Create a safe environment at home; home safety checklists are available on www.aarp.org
  • Look into benefits, i.e., social security, pension, disability, and veterans. 
  • Maintain medical records.
  • Evaluate care options that are available now and in the future. These might include home, someone else’s home, independent living retirement community, assisted living, nursing home, and/or continuing care retirement community.
  • Know that elder depression, although common, is not a part of growing old. Learn to recognize the signs of depression. Is the house dirty, where it once was clean? Are they neglecting chores that they once liked to do? Are they neglecting their own hygiene? Is the refrigerator and/or pantry stocked?
  • Identify resources to help you (an elder law attorney can assist you with this).