Addressing Your Concerns: COVID-19 Update

In this unsettled new world, we are all embarking into unchartered territory. Since each of our everyday lives have been touched in some way by COVID-19, we understand your concerns.

Please know that all of us at Curtin Law Office are adjusting our work model so that we can continue to deliver legal services without interruption. This newsletter addresses some questions you may have about our office.

  • HOW IS YOUR STAFF REDUCING INTERACTION WITH PEOPLE? Employees who can are working remotely. Accordingly, members of our team are only in the office on an as-needed basis.
  • CAN WE STILL CONTACT THE OFFICE? Yes, having a reduced staff in the office will not affect our ability to respond to clients who contact us. Our office hours will generally be from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm, but if you need to leave a message, please know that you can expect to receive a call back from the office by the end of the next business day. As a back up to this, we have added an additional e-mail (for those who prefer e-mail) which you can use if you need us. That e-mail address is
  • HOW ARE YOU HANDLING DISCUSSIONS WITH CLIENTS? Discussions and meetings with clients can be held in various ways. Many of our clients are opting for phone conferences. We are also working so that we can video conference with our clients and this option should be up, running and accessible to all of our staff very soon.
  • ARE YOU DOING IN-OFFICE MEETINGS? We are accommodating in-office meetings on a case by case basis. In such cases, to reduce interaction with others, if clients are in the office, there is only one (1) client meeting at a time. We are also observing the 6 feet distance recommendation.
  • WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW THAT YOU ARE DOING TO ENSURE MY SAFETY? Know that in addition to the steps described above, our office is being sanitized multiple times on a daily basis and we are regularly assessing risks. However, if you are concerned at all about an upcoming in-office appointment, please feel free to contact our office to reschedule and/or opt for a phone conference or video conference appointment. We are willing to assist our clients in whatever way we can. Please know that anyone who plans to come into the office is asked to reschedule their appointment if they have experienced any symptoms of being sick in the last 2 weeks. Clients who have been out of the country within a 2 week time frame are also being asked to postpone coming into the office.

Know that the safety and well-being of you and of our employees is a top priority. Since this situation is unprecedented and is continuing to evolve on a daily basis, we will provide you with updates. We know that this is a time of uncertainty and we thank you for your support.

Wishing you and your family good health. Take care and be well.