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Caregivers frequently find themselves dealing with varying degrees of dementia, which is a progressive decline of a person’s cognition that affects a person’s memory, thinking processes, behavior, and performance of social, occupational, and daily activities.

The word “dementia” can include short-term memory loss, confusion, the inability to problem-solve, the inability to complete multi-step activities such as preparing a meal or balancing a checkbook, and, sometimes, personality changes or unusual behavior.

Each caretaker of a person with dementia has his or her own unique experience. That being the case, similar to most challenges in life, there is no “tell all” guidebook to direct how to best handle your particular situation.

However, there are a lot of resources to assist caretakers on this journey. If this is of interest to you, the importance of being able to change one’s mindset is described very well in an article entitled “The Real-Live Strategies for Dementia Caregiving.”

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