Four Additional Caregiver Planning Considerations


Our previous post reinforced the fact that caregivers are the “backbone of long-term care,” and that they provide the majority of care to elders in the U.S.

To optimize the caregiving process, it’s important to plan ahead, and that post shared five items that you might consider when doing so. Here are four more important considerations to include in your caregiving planning process:

  • How do we pay for the care?
  • Know that elder depression, although common, is not a part of growing old. Learn to recognize the signs of depression. Is the house dirty, where it once was clean? Are they neglecting chores that they once liked to do? Are they neglecting their own hygiene? Is the refrigerator and/or pantry stocked?
  • Identify resources to help you (an elder law attorney can assist you with this).
  • Estate planning or guardianship? More on this will follow in our next post…